International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications (IJCNA)

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ISSN : 2395-0455

International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications (IJCNA)

International Journal of Computer Networks and Applications (IJCNA)

Published By EverScience Publications

ISSN : 2395-0455

Dynamic Node Recovery in MANET for High Recovery Probability

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Ravneet Kaur, Neeraj Sharma

Ravneet Kaur[1]

Neeraj Sharma[2]

[1]Research Scholar, CEC Landran, Mohali, Punjab, India.

[2]Department (CSE), CEC Landran, Mohali, Punjab, India.


One of the key design issues in ad hoc networks is the development of rollback recovery model for providing fault-tolerance in MANET. Because the potential problem of MANET is limited energy, probability of fault occurrences is more. Hence, checkpointing is done at trusted nodes when faults are encountered, for successful rollback to the last saved state. This makes trust a vital factor to be determined. The proposed algorithm aims to reduce the rollback recovery time by retrieving the checkpoint data through trusted nodes. Dynamic node recovery technique unfolds the impact of cluster trust on the count variable maintained by each node. This variable is so maintained, to do the checkpointing process when a definite threshold is reached. Such an attack prone node saves its data at the nearest trusted cluster head. Again, based on opinion dynamics, trust of the host cluster markedly influences the trust of the visitor node. Moreover, genetic algorithms are employed to search best optimal recovery path. Performance analysis depicts remarkable results produced by the proposed algorithm.

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